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With four generations of experience, Officina de’ Tornabuoni team is on the forefront of advancements in natural, effective skin care and wellness. What others are discovering now, from advocating a holistic approach to health and beauty, to offering sustainable solutions to your needs and concerns, to the importance of selecting ingredients, we have practiced for generations. Our dedication remains committed to the creation of the finest natural skin care and fragrance for you.


"Fluido Anti Age"

My must Have.

Dion N.

Yotpo Singapore Verified Buyer

"The aromas are absolutely incredible"

I am thoroughly amazed by the wonderful smells and flavors.

I love it! Wow! Libreria is great! 

Cathy & Phil Wagner, Los Angeles, CA

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"The best anti-age cream EVER!"

Don't be deceived by the super light texture of this cream, it works wonders on dry skin. Use it over the Antioxidant intensive and it sinks right in. No grease, no tell-tale white residue, JUST radiant skin. You can actually SEE the difference right away, it's that good.

Angela M.

 Yotpo United States Verified Buyer

I read from Korean beauty blog that multiple application of toner gives better complexion (the blog suggested 7x !). Because Acqua di Giada is 100% natural and doesn't contain alcohol, I decided to try.  I have been applying 3 layers of Acqua di Giada morning and evening for the past 2 weeks and I am happy to say I am very pleased with it, my skin feels less dry and more protected. 

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