The Science & Innovation

Each Officina de’ Tornabuoni product is developed at our own modern laboratory in the Tuscan countryside, surrounded by a natural landscape of great beauty and abundance of flora and fauna. In this region we have also cultivated our own medicinal garden for decades.

Our highly experienced production team is at the forefront of new technologies, and research and development conducted in-house and in collaboration with universities and other academic institutions. Having our own facilities allows us a truly artisanal approach to production with maximum control over the entire developmental process.


The Ingredients

Selected for Potency. Purity. Freshness. To deliver maximum results.

Our expertise, garnered over four generations and counting, gives us a unique advantage in selecting the world’s finest natural ingredients and transforming them into effective, sophisticated formulations. Powerful fresh and natural ingredients, of the finest quality, are delivered directly to your skin, in the right doses, for maximum results.

Responsible sourcing

We are rigorously selective when it comes to sourcing our ingredients. We specialize in sourcing the finest quality ingredients, of traceable origin, and transforming them into amazing products. 


Animal Testing

In line with our immense respect for Nature, we do not test on animals.

A-Z of Ingredients

All the ingredients we use are of the finest quality and fresh to deliver maximum results.  The oils we use are triple cold-pressed alimentation (food) quality.  There is a world of difference between this and heat-treated, processed oils, which are far more commonly found and have little to no benefits for the user. 


With four generations of expertise, our philosophy marries time-tested knowledge and tradition with cutting-edge advancements in skin care and welness.

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