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Our luxury hand soaps are made with pure plant extracts, and are free of sodium laureth sulfates and colorants. They cleanse the skin well, while always being delicate on your hands.

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The marriage of high altitude-grown French Lavender and Italian Bergamot from Calabria creates a comforting and universally appealing fragrance.  Both high altitude lavender from Montblanc and Bergamot from Calabria are renowned for their superior quality, scent, and properties.

What could be more sacred than the cleansing ritual?  Yet the soap itself is very often overlooked, although it goes on your skin several times a day, day-in, day-out, year-round.  It is no wonder then that we use only the finest ingredients to create the purest soap there is. 

Ingredients high altitude-grown lavender from Montblanc, Bergamot from Calabria.
Benefits gently and effectively cleans hands without compromising the delicate equilibrium of the skin.
Suggested use use as and when needed throughout the day.
Indicated for all skin types.
Available size 250 Ml.
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