Multi Active Contour Cream


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Multi Active Contour Cream, Slimming and Anti-Cellulite Expand

Our multi-active contour cream contains clinically proven ingredients to help ensure a visible remodelling effect by promoting the firmness and density of the dermis and connective tissue.

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By promoting drainage of trapped superficial water, improved resistance to stretching, and a strong anti-cellulite action to combat stubborn orange-peel skin, multi-active contour cream effectively helps refine the silhouette and maintain a more toned and trim appearance. Strictly formulated with natural ingredients of the highest quality, without the use of parabens, colorants and mineral oils, to guarantee the best results and a pleasant sensory experience.

Ingredients include guarana, gingko biloba, ruskweed, coffee, green tea, caffeine, paullinia cupana seed extract.

Texture: luxuriously creamy, fast-absorbing, with a natural fresh scent.

After-feeling: the skin feels fresh and hydrated.

Indicated for: the prevention and treatment of cellulite.

Ingredients centella, guarana, gingko biloba, ruskweed, coffee extract, green tea extract, paullinia cupana seed extract.
Benefits works to refine the silhouette in several ways, including by increasing the firmness of the skin, enhancing drainage.
Suggested use massage product onto clean skin twice daily, targeting the abdomen and lower body where fatty deposits tend to accumulate.
Indicated for refining the silhouette and especially as part of a weight loss regimen.
Available size 200 Ml.
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