Old apothecary in Firenze
A favorite season and a wonderful time to nourish your skin,

Selected naturally active ingredients aim to deeply protect and regenerate, for your best skin.

Rinascimento anti ageing viso

It is our choice to be a truly artisanal brand- and everything we do, from our production process to our client service, reflects this. 

We made the decision of basing our production on the highest principles of fine craftsmanship, offering our creations in a way that is consonant with this, creating, packaging and retailing our creations directly to our customer with a highly personalized service. 

This important choice enables us to guarantee you 100%, that if you are seeking the highest quality Florentine craftsmanship, with the exclusivity and authenticity that only a genuine artisan can offer, you have found it in Officina de' Tornabuoni.

For this, you will find our creations exclusively in our historic store on Via Tornabuoni in Florence and in our online boutique. 

The taste of Florentine artisanal tradition in a cup.

Experience your personalized tisane- a pure blend of Florentine tradition, craftsmanship, and the finest natural ingredients.

Natural fragrances for your home and textiles

Angelique, the most angelic of fragrances, was born from Angelica Archangelica, a plant prized since antiquity for it's vast properties.

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Tornabuoni Blog

Erbario fiorentino

Natural wisdom for Winter

Eating for health and beauty is a bigger challenge in winter than at any other time of year. Winter beauty is about staying nourished and hydrated, soothing dry chapped skin and lips, and keeping ourselves healthy and warm. 


Winter and Mood

For many, the colder, darker days of winter can make a real impact on the mood. It’s easy to understand why our moods might go down in winter, when our lives can look very different from usual. 


Fragrance throughout the ages

Throughout history fragrance has occupied a special role for mankind as the ultimate, or most enduring, power accessory. In antiquity fragrance was sacred and principally used to unite man to the divine, to heal, and to beautify. Incense, myrrh, sandalwood, lily, rose and lotus and aromatic herbs were used, through use in oil, macerations or woods to burn.


The Fragrant Pharmacy in your home

Imagine having a fragrant pharmacy in your home, ready to energize your surroundings or soothe your nerves.

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