Love E Shower Gel - Aromatherapy & Well-Being

Love E - Harmony Shower Gel

Discover the essence of harmony and well-being with Love E shower gel: a masterful blend of aromas that caresses the senses and nourishes the soul. At the heart of its formulation, the purest essential oils work in synergy to gently influence the emotional profile, transforming every shower into a journey of inner purification.

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Let yourself be enveloped by the sparkling embrace of Florentine Iris, which, combined with the lively freshness of Bergamot and the relaxing calm of mountain Lavender, evokes a sense of sophisticated elegance and sensuality. The unmistakable scent of freshly washed Linen adds a dimension of purity and comfort, making this shower gel perfect for any moment and place.

Enriched with Centella extract and Lavender, Love E is not just a gesture of care for the body but a true aromatherapy experience under the shower. Each component is chosen for its unique contribution to emotional well-being, offering a holistic and natural experience.

Created with a commitment to purity and sustainability, Love E is free from Sodium Laureth Sulfate, dyes, and synthetic ingredients, ensuring a completely pure and plant-based formula. This shower gel not only respects the skin but also the environment, reflecting an ethos of care and respect in every aspect.

With Love E, every shower becomes a moment of reconnection with oneself, an opportunity to nourish body, mind, and spirit. Let yourself be carried away on a sensory journey that satisfies every mood, rediscovering joy and inner serenity every day.

What Love is: a quartet of all-natural holistic shower gels- strictly pure, vegetal, sulfate-free and colorant-free.

What Love does: it effectively cleans skin without stripping it of vital moisture.  With the use of pure essential oils, each gel individually helps create a different effect on the senses; together they comprise a complete selection to harmonize with your every mood.

centella extract, lavender extract.
cleanses the skin without stripping it of vital moisture.
Suggested use
as and when desired, for a therapeutic shower. Rinse well.
Indicated for
all skin types
Available size
250 Ml.

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