Love O Aromatherapy Shower Gel - Pure & Natural

Love O - Sensuality Shower Gel

Discover the pleasure of a transformative shower experience with Love O, the shower gel that combines the art of aromatherapy with pure sensory indulgence. Imagine wrapping yourself in a warm and sensual embrace, akin to the caress of a cashmere blanket, every time you open a bottle of Love O. This unique experience is made possible thanks to an exclusive formulation that boasts the purest and most refined essential oils, carefully chosen for their power to act on the sensual emotional profile.

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With Love O, let yourself be seduced by the enticing notes of Sensual Jasmine, enveloping the senses in an aura of mystery and charm. Allow yourself to be pampered by the harmonizing Rosewood, whose scent balances mind and spirit, bringing inner equilibrium. Finally, awaken your vital energy with the stimulating Lemon, infusing brightness and liveliness, evoking the freshness of a new dawn.

Love O is more than just a shower gel; it is a holistic and natural well-being ritual, created to respect both you and the environment. Strictly pure and plant-based, this shower gel is free from Sodium Laureth Sulfate and colorants, ensuring a gentle yet effective cleanse, perfect for all skin types. Every element of Love O is designed to satisfy and balance all mood states, offering a shower experience that is both an emotional journey and an act of self-love.

Wrap yourself in the sensual embrace of Love O and transform your daily routine into a moment of pure pleasure and well-being. Because every shower is not just about cleanliness, but a gateway to a world of balance, tranquility, and sensual satisfaction. Love O: aromatherapy under the shower, a holistic journey towards emotional well-being.

What Love is: a quartet of all-natural holistic shower gels- strictly pure, vegetal, sulfate-free and colorant-free.

What Love does: it effectively cleans skin without stripping it of vital moisture.  With the use of pure essential oils, each gel individually helps create a different effect on the senses; together they comprise a complete selection to harmonize with your every mood.


Sicilian orange extract, Mandarin orange peel extract, grape leaf extract.
gently cleanses the skin without stripping it of vital moisture.
Suggested use
as and when desired, for a therapeutic shower. Rinse well.
Indicated for
all skin types.
Available size
250 Ml.

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