LOVE Travel Gift Size

LOVE - Box 4 x 110 ml

Love.  Give it. Accept it. Fall in and out of it. But always, always, Love yourself.  And loving yourself means taking care of yourself, which is something we know about. 

This portable edition of our award-winning LOVE is just the right size for travel, gym, or gift for any lucky recipient. Choose from bottles stamped in Tornabuoni blue or Renaissance gold.

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What Love is: a quartet of all-natural holistic shower gels- strictly pure, vegetal, sulfate-free and colorant-free.

What Love does: it effectively cleans skin without stripping it of vital moisture.  With the use of pure essential oils, each gel individually helps create a different effect on the senses; together they comprise a complete selection to harmonize with your every mood.

see individual items L, O, V and E.
gently cleanses the skin without stripping it of vital moisture or compromising the skin's delicate equilibrium.
Suggested use
choose from L, O, V, and E for a customized shower that gives you what you need and crave. Rinse well.
Indicated for
all skin types and ages.
Available size
4 bottles x 100 ml.
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