Ask for advice.

Whether you’re looking for home, or for a gift, Specialists will guide you and direct you to finding the perfect fragrance for you.

Be Selective.

Testing too many fragrances at once can get confusing and overwhelming very quickly. Instead, apply only the fragrances you like best on a small patch of clean unscented skin, such as the inside of your arm or back of your hand.

Your mood makes a difference.

It may sound a little silly, but as when shopping for clothes, you want to be feeling positive when shopping for scent. Also shopping when you have a cold is less than ideal, as your sense of smell may be compromised.

Sniff coffee beans.

Using strong chemical fragrances or being a smoker are factors that impact your sense of smell. To help clear your nose between scents, try sniffing some whole coffee beans.

Be open minded.

A rose scent can be light and fresh or heavy and opulent. You may usually shy away from certain scents, but give it a try, and you might just be pleasantly surprised.

First impressions count.

When having difficulty selecting the right fragrance, your first “gut” impression is usually the one to follow.

Think of Fragrance as an accessory

Your fragrance should beautifully enhance without being overpowering.