Scientific name: Matricaria recutita L.

Common name: common or german chamomile.

English name: german camomile.

Parts used: flowering tops.

Components: essential oil (chamazulene, blue color), bisabolol.

Properties: anti-inflammatory and soothing.

Suggested use: indicated for digestive difficulties, insomnia, skin inflammations, conjunctivitis.

Curiosity: chamomile infusions have been given to children as a soothing drink.

The name chamomile derives from the Greek khamaimelon "dwarf apple tree"; the smell of flowers recalls that of rennet apples, according to Pliny the Elder. Matricaria from the Latin matrix = uterus, for its emmenagogic properties.

Traditionally used for its anti-inflammatory, but also sedative-nervine, anti-neuralgic, antibacterial and antifungal properties.

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