A curious and attentive look at what surrounds us, without forgetting the deep artisan roots of the Officina de Tornabuoni Firenze.

Fragrance throughout the ages

Throughout history fragrance has occupied a special role for mankind as the ultimate, or most enduring, power accessory. In antiquity fragrance was sacred and principally used to unite man to the divine, to heal, and to beautify. Incense, myrrh, sandalwood, lily, rose and lotus and aromatic herbs were used, through use in oil, macerations or woods to burn.


Among timeless artisans, the Tuscany of good taste

The new volume focuses on the artisanal activities of the Tuscany region, with 117 selected workshops and 351 structures (restaurants, taste shops and where to sleep near the artisans' shops), as well as cultural itineraries.


Italian Artisan production and its authentic meaning.

Nowadays the terms “artisan” and “artisanal” are increasingly heard, yet very often these terms are used improperly and illegally. As authentic certified artisans, our aim is to increase awareness of the correct meaning of the term, in order to help others recognize its true and correct use, as well as its real value. 


Eating habits for increased health

We don't generally think of food as medicine, yet the foods we eat are the most powerful Natural drug we come into contact with. For many years, conventional Medicine has been very skeptical about the possible links between food and health but, for thousands of years, people all over the world have used foods to heal the sickly and keep the health strong.



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