Watch the caffeine.

Drinking coffee, even its hours before you go to bed, can disrupt sleep. Avoid caffeine after lunchtime and stay hydrated with water or a herbal tisane. At bedtime, keep a glass of water on your nightstand, easy to reach for when you get thirsty during the night.

Banish electronics from the bedroom.

Store electronics in another room entirely, especially overnight. Instead of TV or computer time, try winding down with a good book or try meditating or a hot bath before bed.

Getting nutritional support can make all the difference.

A relaxing herbal tisane can help soothe frazzled nerves. Marine Magnesium* supports the proper functioning of the nervous system to fight stress and promote better sleep.  If you’re feeling particularly stressed, CalmaPlanta* supports balance and calm naturally, with melissa, California poppy, and hop.

Don’t wait until bedtime to wind down.

Start winding down long before you go to bed. Change into soft, comfy clothing as soon as you get home. A hot bath, laced with mineral-rich bath salts* or a deeply relaxing oil*, will help you sleep well.  Select relaxing scents, whether a gentle scrub with our CalmaPolish* or a soak in our Angelique* bath milks. You’ll have a restorative experience that will prep you for a good night’s sleep, and leave you with super soft skin.

Make your bedroom a sanctuary.

Try your best to make your space peaceful and clutter-free. Choose high quality cotton or linen sheets, add plenty of cushions for sleep and reading, and keep extra blankets at reach, depending on the season. Soft comfortable sleepwear in natural materials will keep you at the right temperature, aiding good sleep. Use pure essential oils or a relaxing essential oil based scent, such as Tornabuoni Lavender*, which is free of alcohol and chemical solvents, to create a soothing environment without compromising air quality or health.