Eating for health and beauty is a bigger challenge in winter than at any other time of year. Winter beauty is about staying nourished and hydrated, soothing dry chapped skin and lips, and keeping ourselves healthy and warm. Winter skin can tend to be more stressed and dehydrated, so fine lines and wrinkles can appear more etched. In winter, our bodies’ natural rhythms also slow down. Here, some practical tips to stay healthier and well without too much effort:

Start your day with a cup of warm water and lemon to gently wake your system.

Choose warming, nourishing foods high in nutrients to feed your skin and boost mood.

Home-made soups, stews, whole grains, and roasted winter vegetables are super satisfying and good for you.

Keep a good nourishing multi-purpose cream, such as our Crema Burro di Karite, close by, such as at your desk, or in your purse to keep skin hydrated and soft.

Resist the temptation of numerous coffees and switch them for water and herbal teas.

Cook with spices that warm the system and add flavor, such as ginger, turmeric, thyme and oregano. Make sure the spices are fresh, organic, and stored well.

Consume Good fats from sources such as fresh pressed extra virgin olive oil, avocados, almonds, and fish.

Supplements are helpful in winter, especially when we’re not consuming as wide a variety of fresh produce. Vitamin C, a multi-vitamin and fish oil, help to fill in any nutritional gaps and keep immunity and energy levels stable.

Going to bed as early as possible makes a huge difference when it gets dark early. It permits us to wake up with the light and enjoy as much of it as possible.

Take a relaxing bath before bed to treat your skin and promote good sleep. We suggest our Guardian bath oil which warms the system and helps soothe aches and pains.

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