Restorative and Firming Cream, Luxe Skincare
Crema La Magnifica

Crema La Magnifica, Restorative and Firming Cream

The creation of La Magnifica was inspired by an exclusive formulation for a cream that rapidly promoted the appearance and texture of perfect skin. 

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Introducing La Magnifica from Officina de Tornabuoni Firenze, a masterpiece in skincare innovation. Crafted with precision, this cream is a harmonious blend of luxury and simplicity, designed to enhance the natural beauty of your skin. La Magnifica is formulated to assist in the appearance of skin smoothness, aiming to diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles, while promoting a feeling of increased skin elasticity and firmness.

Infused with a selection of nature's finest oils - avocado, sunflower seed, coconut, rosa mosqueta, and calendula - each chosen for their hydrating properties, La Magnifica is a tribute to the power of botanicals. These ingredients work synergistically to moisturize, leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth.

More than a skincare product, La Magnifica offers a sensory experience. Its luxurious texture is designed for quick absorption, leaving no residue, only comfort and radiance. The cream is delicately scented with a blend of white flowers and Neroli, creating an aura of elegance and tranquility.

La Magnifica is suitable for all skin types and is formulated to respect the balance of the skin. It's a daily skincare choice that embraces the essence of beauty and wellbeing. Indulge in the ritual of La Magnifica and let your skin reveal its natural, radiant beauty.

avocado oil, sunflower seed oil, coconut oil, rosa mosqueta oil, calendula oil.
instantly and visibly reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, giving the skin a taut appearance and creating the overall appearance of a beautiful complexion.
Suggested use
apply liberally to clean skin with a light massaging action, avoiding the delicate eye area. Also extremely beneficial for the neck and décolletage.
Indicated for
all skin types
Available size
200 Ml.

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