Luxury Lime Deodorant: Crafted Elegance & Freshness
Luxury Lime Deodorant: Crafted Elegance & Freshness
Luxury Lime Deodorant: Crafted Elegance & Freshness

Deodorante Lime

Immerse yourself in the pure craftsmanship and natural elegance of Officina de Tornabuoni Florence's lime deodorant, a true gem of personal care that celebrates tradition and innovation. This product is the result of a meticulous selection of natural ingredients, designed for those who seek not only effectiveness but also a unique sensory experience.

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The pulsating heart of this deodorant is lime, with its lively and energizing aroma, perfect for welcoming each new day with a feeling of renewal and vitality. The fragrance opens with citrus notes, which harmoniously blend with herbaceous and slightly spicy nuances, evoking an image of unspoiled freshness and purity.

Craftsmanship is evident not only in the choice of ingredients but also in their synergy. Sage, with its antimicrobial and astringent properties, joins forces with burdock root and Roman chamomile, creating a deodorizing experience that goes beyond mere odor neutralization: it is a true act of care for the skin and mood. Sage, known for its purifying ability, masterfully combines with burdock and chamomile, ingredients chosen for their calming and refreshing virtues, ensuring a deodorizing effect that is both powerful and gentle.

But the real innovation lies in the integration of probiotics and allantoin, innovative ingredients that embrace the philosophy of cutting-edge skin care. Probiotics, essential for maintaining the balance of skin flora, work in harmony with allantoin, known for its soothing properties, to offer deodorant protection that is not only effective but also incredibly gentle on the skin.

Officina de Tornabuoni Florence's lime deodorant is not merely a personal hygiene product, but an invitation to take care of oneself consciously, respecting both one's skin and the environment. Each application becomes a moment of pleasure, an olfactory experience that awakens the senses and refreshes the spirit, leaving behind a light and unmistakable trace of freshness and well-being. Discover the beauty of craftsmanship and nature with Officina de Tornabuoni Florence's lime deodorant: a choice that speaks to the heart and skin.

Sage, Roman Chamomile Water, Allantoin, Lavender, Arctium Lappa, Mallow, Ginger, Ginkgo Biloba, Black Currant, Ginseng, Marigold, Bilberry Extracts.
The synergy of natural ingredients keeps you feeling fresh and clean while being gentle on skin. Naturally antimicrobial and astringent.
Suggested use
Spray under arms, avoiding contact with eyes. Skin tolerance dermatologically tested.
Indicated for
all skin types.
Available size
60 ml
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