We believe and are committed to making each preparation unique, elaborated on our knowledge and carried out mainly by means of processes still performed manually in a constant balance between mind and spirit. We use the machines only at the service of our wits and to check and verify each production batch in the quality and purity criteria of our preparations.


Authenticity is our greatest value: it represents our history, our craftsmanship, which continues through time through our artisans of beauty. Our commitment is to stay genuine and simple.

tradition and innovayiion
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Skills and know-how

Our skills, in addition to specific theoretical subjects and the ongoing professional updating are in our capacity the fruit of past experiences passed on from generation to generation.  To go forward with purpose, it is also essential to look back. Our professionalism counts among us biologists, pharmacists, herbalists, doctors and experts in social sciences, dedicated every day to rendering excellence to our work and craftsmanship.


We are authors of our creations, following what is best for our client, and not market trends. As an artisanal certified company, family-run and owned, with our own internal expertise and production facility, we are free in the creative process, to create the finest creations for our clients.

Training and Development

Our principal training is in the knowledge that has nourished us from generation to generation.  Our learning is a life-long process.  We are committed to transmit our passion and heritage to new generations, for the development of new artisans.


Officina de’ Tornabuoni keeps alive and promotes the authentic traditional Florentine of medicinal plants, innovating formulas that offer quality and genuineness of finely crafted creations of another era, to the innovation of new cosmetic discoveries.

Our principal innovations we pioneered:

- Skin care in synergy with nutrition

- Medicinal plant-based supplements diluted in water

- Cosmetics without parabens, sulfates and colorants

- Multi-functional face and body formulas for ease of use and results

- Personal and home Fragrances without alcohol

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From the selection of ingredients all the way through to packaging, we draw from our sensibilities as artisan-creators and interpreters of our tradition and heritage.  We are committed to addressing our clients’ specific needs, offering solutions that are effective and personalised. Our final objective is the creation of a product of beauty and utility.


Our originality finds maximum expression in the personalised creation,  in which all our resources are dedicated to expressing the harmony between old and new.  In each creation of the collection there is the constant sense of research of wellness, the harmony of balance between mind and body, capable of inspiring all the senses.

Florence and Tuscany

We are Florentine artisans intimately linked to the Tuscan territory, with its beauty and culture a source of natural inspiration that animates our creations.


As an authentic generation carrying on tradition and heritage, we believe that our role today is to re-interpret and innovate while adapting to the times.

florentine tradition

Wellmade, Officina de Tornabuoni

Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte is a private, non-profit institution founded in Milan in 1995 by Franco Cologni, who is also the Foundation’s current president. The Foundation’s initiatives, aimed at promoting a new Renaissance of artistic crafts, are targeted at young people. The goal is to train a new generation of craftsmen, thus, preserving  such knowledge from the risk of disappearing. 

Italia su misura, Officina de Tornabuoni

Osservatorio dei Mestieri d’Arte is a non-profit association which currently gathers 18 Italian bank foundations. For over ten years, OmA has been committed to the protection and promotion of artistic crafts and grants a certification to the artisan workshops which have been acknowledged for excellence,  guaranteeing that they meet specific quality standards. 

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