The Cultural manifesto of Italian Tradition

Preserving Authenticity in a world of Marketing

The new frontier for historic Italian companies is re-designing the relation between Person and Object. The force of dignity and the value of Tradition expresses itself in three sole words: to be human. The historic company and the authentic Italian tradition can coexist only if to continue the tradition and story, there are Italians with generations of passion and dedication to the know-how in their relative disciplines behind them. The global world and the logic of pure business have influenced the simple relation between historic company and authentic tradition, so that there are companies that are historic but their history consists solely of marketing that recalls images and products from the past, thus there is little authenticity behind the label.

The past is past, and today an innovative historic company can’t ignore the importance of remaining authentic in the very human traditions that animated them in the past. They must know how to maintain and uphold the new generations that will have the honor of preserving the art and the honor of creating a product that represents the salt and pepper of the Italian culture.

One can’t imagine a Chianti Classico created with grapes cultivated in Australia, or a Champagne made from grapes cultivated in Germany, or an Italy without Italian descendants to love and promote their own, true culture. The generational authenticity of the specializations of people who animate a a historical brand is not a mere detail, but the essential principle.

The DNA of a historic and authentic company.

-Owners or top management in the hands of Italians, who descend from a line of specialists in their relative fields, which is at the root base of the product or service.

- Brands with historic roots that are inextricably linked to Italian history and culture, and that continue to express their identity with civil support for the activity, and with guiding principles of high quality and of promoting the continuity of the Italian culture and values and of the development of future generations of Italians.

On these points one values and protects the Person as Culture itself, and not simply the brand alone: the relationship between Content and Container is in the right order and Art is protected and valued, not mere Objects, preserving and enabling the rich patrimony of Italian Artists and Artisans, and Italians, whom represent the true essence of Italy.

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