Guidelines for Ideal Usage and Maintenance of Products

Given the fact that we use only the finest quality natural ingredients, the following guidelines are suggested to help maintain your Officina de’ Tornabuoni products at optimal conditions: 

Suggested Usage

It is generally recommended that face and body creams be used within three to six months of purchase. Cleansing products, including body cleansers, generally have a longer shelf-life of one to two years from date of purchase.

Suggested Storage

It is best to avoid exposing products to extreme heat, cold, or temperature changes and products should be kept out of direct light. Bathrooms are not usually ideal locations for product storage because temperature and humidity levels there change frequently. 

Before Use

It is best to use a clean plastic spatula instead of fingers to apply products packaged in jars.  This decreases the potential introduction of bacteria from the fingertips into the product. 

After Use

It is best to ensure that all lids are closed tightly on all jars and bottles, and to remove any residue from the spouts on bottles before each use.

Product Variation

Because Officina de’ Tornabuoni products are composed of natural ingredients, the color and consistency of products may vary slightly with each batch that we make. These natural variations do not in any way affect the quality or efficacy of the product.

Common Sense

Precautions Pregnant women may wish to seek advice from their physician before using products containing essential oils.

Are duties and taxes included at checkout?

Duties and taxes are calculated based on the items ordered, where they were made, your shipment destination and the value of your purchase, and will appear as a separate line item at checkout if not already included in product prices. Some countries require duties and taxes to be paid upon delivery and they will be the customer’s responsibility.

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