Holistic Fragrance - Dog & Cat

This natural holistic fragrance for dogs and cats is a true multi-tasking champion. The pure essential oil blend specially selected for high quality, effectiveness, safety, and beneficial effects on dogs and cats, neutralizes odors and keeps fur smelling clean and fresh without being artificial or overpowering.

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Naturally repellent properties disinfect fur and prevent insects and parasites from getting too close.  The aromatic properties of White Thyme are especially appreciated by four legged friend’s olfactory senses as dogs and cats intuitively recognize it as being beneficial to them and are receptive to its scent.  Active ingredients include: Thyme, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Lavender from Montblanc essential oil, White thyme essential oil.

Andiroba oil, White thyme essential oil.
effectively and naturally protects dogs and cats from parasites and other uninvited guests, while neutralizing odors.
Suggested use
spray 2-3 times on a wet sponge, then pass sponge all over the coat, remembering the area around the ears and neck.
Indicated for
dogs and cats.
Available size
50 Ml.
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