Ginestra - water-based Perfume

Ginestra - water-based Perfume

A pure, delicate creation that combines innovation and technical prowess with high perfumery. Free from alcohol, the water based Libreria boasts a sophisticated clean formulation that respects the health and skin. A fragrance of integrity that reveals itself immediately upon application and is gentle and lingers like a caress on the skin. Tested under dermatological control on sensitive skin.

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Once impossible to solubilize fragrance in water, now, thanks to innovations from the Renaissance through to the present day, water-based perfume provides an ideal approach to perfumery. 

True to form, Libreria is a fragrance with authenticity that will appeal to scent purists, connoisseurs, and lovers of natural perfumery. 

An olfactive ode to the creation of art and beauty in all forms. Ginestra, abundant and free, is at the beating heart of this tender, playful fragrance. Sweeping across the lush countryside, the loveliness of Spring, fresh and dewy, with joyful notes of tuberose, stone fruit, cloves and sandalwood.

Scent notes fruity, floral, fresh, citrus, woody and spicy.

Alcohol-free, they are more easily tolerated by those with sensitive skin and exposure to sunlight is possible.
Suggested use
Suggested use: apply directly onto skin.
Indicated for
Inside wrists, behind ears, neck and decolletage.
Available size
100 ml

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