CREMA MANI Ultimate spa hand cream Rejuvenating
Crema Mani, Ultimate spa hand cream anti age
Crema Mani, Ultimate spa hand cream anti age

CREMA MANI Ultimate spa hand cream Rejuvenating

An ideal daily treatment for hands, including dry, chapped, and sensitive skins.  The nourishing and protective formula rapidly absorbs, comforts, and delivers silky softness without leaving behind a greasy residue.  Now with a potent anti-aging action to help keep hands looking youthful and even-toned.

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With regular use, the hands are better protected from external elements and the skin is left increasedly luminous, softer to the touch, and more supple.  With pure essential oil of Lavender, for a balancing and uplifting natural fragrance.

Ingredients include olive oil, oat extract, algae extract, sweet almond oil, sunflower seed oil, ruskweed extract, capparis spinosa extract.

Texture: light, very fast-absorbing, non-greasy.

After-feeling: the skin feels comfortable, hydrated and supple.

Indicated for all skin types.

Olive oil, oat extract, triple cold-pressed sweet almond oil, ruskweed extract, sunflower seed oil, capparis spinosa fruit extract.
nourishes, protects, and soothes, with a potent anti-ageing activity to keep hands looking youthful.
Suggested use
apply regularly to clean hands, especially after washing.
Indicated for
all skin types, for the daily care of hands.
Available size
50 Ml.
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