Verde Toscano: Luxury Potpourri - Tradition & Nature
Verde Toscano: Luxury Potpourri - Tradition & Nature

Verde Toscano Pot Pourri Tornabuoni 100 gr

Immerse yourself in the vibrant and rejuvenating essence of Verde Toscano, a potpourri that captures the very essence of Florentine perfumery art, masterfully created by Officina de' Tornabuoni. This fragrance stands out for its ability to harmoniously blend the citrusy and lively notes of bergamot with the green and earthy intensity of juniper, artemisia, and wormwood, evoking the sparkling freshness of the Tuscan countryside at dawn.

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The heart notes open up a sensory journey through the rich spices of cinnamon, nutmeg, bay leaf, and myrtle, which recall the culinary traditions and festivities of Tuscany, enriching the environment with a welcoming and familiar warmth. This olfactory symphony concludes with an enveloping finish of patchouli, vanilla, thyme, and helichrysum, adding depth and sophistication, inviting the discovery of the pristine landscapes and lush nature that characterize the region.

Each Pot Pourri from Officina de' Tornabuoni is a celebration of craftsmanship and excellence, where Florentine tradition meets the highest quality natural ingredients, carefully selected and slowly dried to preserve the purity and beauty of nature. This creation is embellished with our exclusive natural fragrances, designed to delicately intoxicate your home spaces, adding a touch of sophisticated and discreet elegance.

Ideal for placement in living rooms, corridors, libraries, and offices, Verde Toscano diffuses its natural scent, enriching every environment with an elegant atmosphere that captures the essence of green Tuscany, with its rolling hills overlooking the sparkling sea. Let yourself be transported on a timeless olfactory journey, where the freshness of Tuscan aromatic herbs and the sea breeze blend into a unique sensory experience, reflecting the art and culture of one of Italy's most beloved regions.

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