Libreria Pot Pourri Jar
Noble Flower Pot Pourri: Elegance & Tuscan Craftsmanship
Noble Flower Pot Pourri: Elegance & Tuscan Craftsmanship

Fiore Nobile Pot Pourri Jar

Fiore Nobile - Scent notes floral, amber and woody.

Discover the beating heart of craftsmanship and olfactory elegance with our Noble Flower Pot Pourri in Scented Jar, a jewel in the Officina de' Tornabuoni Florence collection. This sublime creation captures the essence of a flower garden at the peak of its bloom, weaving delicately floral notes with amber accents and woody nuances that evoke the warmth and depth of nature.

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Each jar is a work of art, handcrafted by skilled Tuscan artisans who shape the terracotta with centuries-old mastery. The craftsmanship of the jar, with its soft lines and inviting texture, reflects the richness and complexity of the scent it holds. This container is not just a holder, but a treasure that speaks of the history and culture of Tuscany, making it as meaningful as it is beautiful.

In line with our commitment to sustainability and respect for nature, the terracotta jars from Officina de' Tornabuoni are completely eco-friendly. They are the perfect vessel for our carefully chosen fragrances, which respect and reflect our botanical heritage. The scent that emanates from these jars is elegant and sophisticated, yet never overwhelming, creating a welcoming and refined atmosphere.

We recommend placing these scented jars in spaces like living rooms, hallways, libraries, and offices, where they can spread their natural aroma and enrich the environment with a touch of elegance. Let Noble Flower accompany you through your days, adding a detail of luxury and wellbeing that only authentic Italian craftsmanship can offer.

With the Officina de' Tornabuoni Noble Flower Pot Pourri in Scented Jar, we invite you not just to discover a fragrance but to experience something that touches the senses and the soul, bringing a piece of Tuscan beauty into your home.

Suggested use
We suggest placing your terracotta jars in areas such as living rooms, hallways, libraries and offices, to diffuse scent and add ambience to surroundings.
Available size
200 gr, 15x16 cm
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