Fragrance Bar Box
Tuberosa - Florentine hand crafted Fragrance Bar Box for drawers and closets.
Fragrance Bar Box

Fragrance Bar Box - Tuberosa

Truly Authentic product that marries Florentine Tradition with the finest quality natural ingredients. Officina de’ Tornabuoni’s wax fragrance bars are entirely crafted by hand, individually hand-poured and scented with our signature natural fine fragrances. Place in drawers and closets or simply leave in an open space to scent the air.

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Tuberosa the Queen of white florals exudes an creaminess, intensity and sensuality beyond any other. Sumptuous Tuberose seduces, with fresh ripe notes of orange, mandarin and bergamot, softening into warm sandalwood, vanilla, and ylang ylang.  

Available size
Box with 3 bars.

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