Pot Pourri Eggs of Wax Limited Edition Palazzo Larderel

Pot Pourri Eggs of Wax Limited Edition Palazzo Larderel

Celebrate Easter 2024 with a touch of artisanal elegance: we present our limited edition of scented wax eggs, meticulously handmade and nestled on an exclusive bed of potpourri. These unique creations embody Florentine tradition, blending premium natural ingredients with subtle and sophisticated fragrances. Perfect for discreetly enhancing any setting, from dining rooms to studies, these scented eggs spread essences that celebrate renewal and spring harmony, adding a touch of unaltered beauty and vitality to every space.

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Ideal for delicately scenting drawers, wardrobes, or home environments, this limited edition of scented eggs releases a harmonious fragrance of Palazzo Larderel Perfume, a timeless floral and amber scent inspired by the elegance, beauty, and history of the Palazzo Larderel in Florence. With aldehydic top notes, precious heart notes of Roses, Florentine Iris, and Violet, and base notes of Vetiver and Grey Amber. A refined accessory that brings a warm and welcoming atmosphere and the richness of Florentine artisanal tradition directly into your home for Easter.

Olfactory description
Scent notes flowers, amber and balsamic.

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