Wax Pendant Palazzo Larderel - Scented pendants for wardrobes and drawers

Wax Pendant Palazzo Larderel

Discover the essence of Florentine craftsmanship with the Wax Pendant Palazzo Larderel, an exclusive creation from Officina de Tornabuoni Florence. This handcrafted wax pendant, embellished with plant and flower decorations, brings the aroma of nature and Tuscan tradition into your rooms. 

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The pendant's unique fragrance is inspired by the elegance and history of the Palazzo Larderel in Florence. It opens with aldehydic notes, evolves with a heart of rose, Florentine iris, and violet, and concludes with the warmth of vetiver and grey amber. This composition creates a floral, amber, and powdery atmosphere, evoking the noble interiors and picturesque views of the palace, enriched with nuances of borax and lilac.

Ideal for infusing drawers and wardrobes with fragrance or as a decorative element, the Wax Pendant Palazzo Larderel is more than just an object: it's a piece of Florentine history to experience every day, an olfactory tribute to the city's timeless beauty.

Olfactory description
Scent notes flowers, amber and balsamic.
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