Intensive Bio Active Anti-aging Cream - Travel set

Intensive Bio Active Rejuvenating Cream

Effectively formulated with next generation ingredients for the protection from technological pollution and from blue light exposure.

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The cream’s texture is elegant, light and luxurious: it penetrates in depth leaving the skin intensely hydrated, plumped and toned all day long. Daily use of Intensive Bio-active cream, thanks to potent natural actives derived from rice and soy peptides, exercises an intense re-invigorating action on skin-. Visibly the skin appears more compact and toned, with fewer lines.

Active ingredients: vegetal waxes derived naturally from Olive oil extraction and rice, which reproduces the skin’s natural squalene. Palmitoyl Tripeptide 5, Palmitoyl Dipeptide 5, Allantoin. Dermatologically tested skin care.

Recommended use: apply morning and evening after cleansing. Perfect in synergy with Rinascimento Essence. For dry skin we recommend applying Intensive bio-active cream after applying Rinascimento Essence and Booster. For a complete, inside-out approach, RegiaPlanta.

olive oil wax, olive oil extract, betaglucan, palmitoyl tripeptide 5, palmitoyl dipeptide 5, palmitoyl dipeptide 6, allantoin, apple extract.
Stimulates microcirculation while protecting the skin's elastin and collagen reserves.
Available size
15 ml

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