Step into the soft elegance of Talc Notes, a distinguished category within the Officina de Tornabuoni Florence's Fabric Fragrance collection. These finely crafted scents capture the essence of comfort and sophistication. They pay homage to the traditional Florentine artisan perfumeries, where the art of fragrance meets textile craftsmanship.

Each spray is a delicate embrace, recreating the intimate sensation of freshness and cleanliness felt when wearing finely laundered linen. Talc Notes settle on fabrics like a caress, leaving behind a lingering veil of scent that invites relaxation and well-being. Inspired by the sweetness of talc, and enriched with subtle floral and musky accents, our fragrances are designed to be gentle on both skin and the most delicate fabrics.

In Officina de Tornabuoni's exclusive collection, Talc Notes are a privileged choice for those wishing to envelop their daily life in an aura of serenity and comfort. Whether it’s to rejuvenate linens, refresh a wardrobe, or infuse new life into favorite garments, these fabric scents are an invitation to experience everyday life surrounded by discreet, tangible luxury.

Let the Talc Notes from Officina de Tornabuoni’s Fabric Fragrances enrich your home environment with an unmistakable olfactory signature, a promise of soft embraces and dreams wrapped in clouds of comfort. Discover how each spray becomes a small ritual of beauty and care for your home.

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