Wrap your fabrics in an embrace of vibrant fragrances with the Fruity Notes category of Fabric Fragrances from Officina de Tornabuoni Florence. Each spray is an ode to the bounty of nature, capturing the essence of juicy fruits ripened under the warm Tuscan sun. Our fruity essences are carefully selected to enhance the freshness and elegance of your spaces, transforming sheets, curtains, and garments into a sensory experience that delights and refreshes.

Our collection immerses your senses in a garden of Eden of fragrances, where notes of juicy peach, grape, zesty citrus, and sweet berries blend in perfect harmony, leaving a lasting and pleasantly refreshing impression. Each fragrance is a careful composition, designed not only to enchant the nose but also to offer a sense of wellbeing and care for the spaces you live in every day.

Through a tradition rooted in the heart of Italian culture, Officina de Tornabuoni awakens the olfactory heritage with modernity and pure artisanal mastery. With Fruity Notes, we bring a vivacity of life and color to your spaces, ensuring that every corner of your home can reflect the art of luxury perfumery, with touches of joy and sophistication.

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