Natural fragrances for your home and textiles

Sophisticated creations with clean formulas and natural ingredients, to scent and protect your surroundings without compromise.

Innovative creations born out of an attentive research on raw materials used in perfumery and their interactions and effects on the health. Studies showing a direct correlation between allergies and exposure to fragrances that are too strong and persistent, especially when used in areas that are not well ventilated.

These formulas are ideal for those who are attentive to health and wellbeing and still want to experience and enjoy fragrance. All our formulas allow you to tailor the fragrance of your surroundings to your preference, creating a beneficial aromatherapeutic experience within your home.

Completely free from alcohol and synthetic solvents, Officina de' Tornabuoni home fragrances are water-based and formulated as cosmetics for your home and textiles, with a proven anti-microbial efficacy tested in laboratories in Challenge tests on principale micro-organism pathogens which can be present on textiles.

alcohol-free fragrances

Protect and scent textiles

aromatherapy benefits

Our advice for the ideal use of home fragrance

Source Rapporto Istituto Superiore Sanità COVID-19 • n. 5/2020 Rev. - Gruppo di Lavoro ISS Ambiente e Qualità dell’Aria Indoor.

Ensure spaces are well aired out regularly

Open windows and doors frequently, and when air quality is highest, to naturally air out spaces.

Clean and maintain air filters

Clean and maintain air filters for all devices, according to instructions provided by the manufacturer, to maintain adequate filtration levels in the home.

Avoid diffusers and air fresheners with sticks

These emit polluting chemicals (VOCs and particulate matter PM10 and PM2.5) which are solubilized in the environment due to the presence in the formula of alcohol and chemical solvents which disperse the fragrance into the air. In fact, along with the fragrance, they unnecessarily add polluting substances and degrade the quality of the indoor air.

Do not mix cleaning products

In particular those containing sodium hypochlorite (such as bleach) with other acid substances, for example vinegar, and do not add ammonia to descaling products. All cleaning products should be used correctly, and with extreme caution and the use of gloves.

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