Embedded in the enchanting cultural fabric of Florence, Officina de Tornabuoni embodies the essence of craftsmanship and quality. Recently celebrated among the "Florentine Activities of Excellence" by the Municipality of Florence, the Officina has also received significant praise from the OMA (Arts and Crafts Observatory) and Well Made, solidifying its reputation in promoting and preserving the ancient artisanal art.

The Recognition:

November 28, 2023, marked a memorable chapter for Officina de Tornabuoni. Mayor Dario Nardella and councilor Giovanni Bettarini paid tribute to 411 local activities in the majestic Salone dei Cinquecento of Palazzo Vecchio, among which Officina de Tornabuoni stood out, awarded for its invaluable contribution to the culture and economy of Florence. This recognition is the result of a rigorous selection based on innovation, originality, and a deep connection with Florentine traditions. With a solid history of excellence in creating cosmetics and perfumes, Officina de Tornabuoni has become the first in its field to boast such a prestigious acknowledgment.

History and Tradition:

The saga of Officina de Tornabuoni is closely intertwined with that of Florence. For generations, this family business has preserved traditional artisanal production techniques, passing down the savoir-faire and the art of perfumery. Each creation of the Officina is a tribute to the history, culture, and uniqueness of Florence, embodying harmony between past and future.

Innovation and Originality:

Officina de Tornabuoni stands out for its dedication to innovation without compromising its strong bond with tradition. This dual soul allows the company to excel in the international scene, where its products, the result of advanced research and continuous experimentation, are synonymous with quality and sophistication.

Territory Enhancement:

Being included in the list of "Florentine Activities of Excellence" reaffirms Officina de Tornabuoni's role in enhancing the territory. The company actively contributes to the promotion of Florentine traditions and culture, offering authentic and memorable experiences to both visitors and customers.

The recognition awarded is a testament to the commitment and passion that drive Officina de Tornabuoni, representing not only a tribute to its past but also an incentive to pursue innovation and to spread Florence's excellence worldwide.

We express our gratitude to the city of Florence for this honor and commit ourselves to uphold the name of Italian craftsmanship and innovation. A special thanks to all those who have shared this extraordinary journey with us. We look forward to the future with renewed enthusiasm, confident that it will reserve further achievements and innovations for us.

Blog Photo:The photo captures the exciting moment when Officina de Tornabuoni officially receives inclusion in the list of "Florentine Activities of Excellence" during the ceremony at Palazzo Vecchio. This image symbolizes not only a prestigious recognition but also the pride and commitment of a company that continues to carry the name of Florence high in the world.

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