Scientific name: Vitis Vinifera

Common name: vitis

English name: grapevine

Parts used: leaves, seeds, fruit, oil, buds

Components: polyphenols and antocianosidi, mineral salts, potassium bitratarto, calcium, seeds, lipids, proantocianidine, phytosterol, tannins. Contains monsaturated fatty acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids (linoic acid)

Properties: vasoprotective, astringent, pelvic decongestants, emollient, antioxidant

Suggested use: The leaves have therapeutic indications similar to currants and blueberries. Their actions are carried out on a microcirculation level with a decrease in capillary permeability. The seeds are used for the production of grapeseed oil.

Decoction: used in case of manifestations affecting the venous system with venous insufficiency, hemorrhoids, phlebitis

Curiosity: the grape cure consists of eating grapes regularly and for a certain period to purify the system.

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