Imagine having a fragrant pharmacy in your home, ready to energize your surroundings or soothe your nerves.

With a personalized selection of our natural home fragrances, at any given moment you can infuse your home with calm, warmth or even cool freshness on a hot day.

Officina de Tornabuoni spray guns instantly diffuse their extraordinary scents through natural water-based formulas free of alcohol and chemical solvents.  With these innovative clean formulas, the air in your home remains fresh and light instead of being weighed down with a cocktail of chemicals and fixatives which come along with strong persistent scents.

As an added bonus, Officina de Tornabuoni spray guns are safe for use on textiles You can follow our suggestions for suitable fragrances to perfume your environment for every occasion and mood, or simply follow your nose and let your instinct guide you.

To calm and relax

Tornabuoni Lavender

To energize and boost concentration

Erbe aromatiche

To warm and create an inviting atmosphere

Pomander, Libreria, Oud

To cool

Estate, Pavillon du Te, Cala Blu

To comfort

Dolce Rime, cinquecento, Pomander

To welcome visitors

Palazzo Larderel, Etoile de Myrrh, Libreria

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