We recommend this as a relaxing evening treat.
Step 1- Start with a clean base
Before even touching your face, tie back hair and wash hands well with a neutral hand soap. With a gentle cleansing milk, we recommend our Latte detergente, massage a coin sized amount onto dry skin using circular upward motions. Rinse well with warm water to remove product thoroughly.
Step 2- Balance & Hydrate
Using your choice of Officina de’ Tornabuoni toner, such as our antioxidant-rich Acqua di Giada, pat into the skin while skin is still damp, to balance skin and lock in moisture.
Step 3a- Treat & repair
Beginning with the eye zone, lightly pat a pea-sized amount of eye cream on the eye area, starting with the brow bone and extending to expression lines. Then, apply a few pumps of Antioxidant intensive serum to the driest parts of the face- such as the forehead, cheeks and neck, and gently massage onto skin, again using upward circular motions.
Step 3b- Treat & Repair
Apply Intensive Repair Masque generously over the entire face, avoiding the direct eye area. Leave on overnight and enjoy the glow in the morning.