Scientific name: Citrus aurantium var. dulcis. 

Common name: sweet orange. 

English name: sweet orange, porga orange, china orange. 

Parts used: leaves, flowers and fruits. 

Components: from the peel, essential oil, linalool, limonene, furocumarine are obtained; from the pulp, carotenoids citroflavonoids, vitamins C and P. 

Properties: a calming and sedative scent that fights insomnia and promotes a sense of serenity and well-being.

Curiosity: it is believed that the orange tree was brought from India to Arab countries in the 9th century and passing from the Mediterranean islands to Spain and Italy around the 11th century. Numerous varieties have been cultivated since then. Historically it was used as a flavoring agent in pharmaceuticals, food and beverages.

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