We’ve summed up some of the most common skin care errors here, so you won’t have to make them.  

Watch the temperature

Washing with water that is too hot, or even too cold, can dry and irritate skin.  Avoiding extreme temperatures and opting for tepid water puts less stress on the skin, which is especially important for sensitive and delicate skins.


Lately there is a tendency to cleanse multiple times (i.e double-cleansing, triple cleansing) but if you’re cleansing correctly and using the right product, once should be enough. Too much cleansing can really strip the skin and disturb the skin’s natural equilibrium. 

Gentle on skin

No scrubbing please! Let your products do the work for you instead of scrubbing skin with hands, abrasive products, or even towels. Whatever touches your skin should have a soft, breathable surface and this also applies to your pillowcase which stays in contact with your skin all night. Make sure to change pillowcases often and pay attention to the detergents and fabric softeners used as these can irritate skin or cause impurities.

Cleanse when you get home

The best time to cleanse your skin is right when you get home, to remove make-up, grime, and pollution. Instead of waiting to cleanse before bed, cleanse as soon as you get home. This will help your skin “breathe” and regenerate, as well as prime the skin to maximize the benefits from your skin care treatments.

Skipping moisturizer after cleansing

Moisturizing after cleansing is essential to counteract the effects of cleansing and water (yes, even water can be harsh on skin).  It doesn’t have to be a rich cream, it can be a hydrating lotion or water-based toner. Choose a texture or formula to suit your preferences, just don’t skip moisturizing altogether.

Ignoring the body

Many tend to focus their skin care just on the face while ignoring entirely the neck, decolletage and even body. Over time, the signs of ageing and damage add up especially on parts of the skin that are more prone to drying or losing elasticity. Counteracting these signs doesn’t need to be time or labor intensive. It’s as simple as choosing body cleansers that cleanse without stripping the skin and applying a nourishing oil, such as our Princess Vicky oil, before bathing or showering.

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